Using generic application for Banking System, as a leader Oracle developer, I was responsible for maintenance and adding new modules and functionalities. The generic application is very flexible, (made in Oracle Forms 6i) gives the possibility to create a new module without a single line of PLSQL code. Of course, it’s possible to use PLSQL and Oracle Reports for some specific solutions. (e.g. calculation which is not included in the generic model, reports which are not standard generic model reports, etc.)

Generic model supports:

  • Domains, (description of default parameters)
    • Inheritance, (for the situations where we need additional parameters description)
  • Contracts, (with a defined set of input parameters)
  • Procedures, (with defined input parameters, subprocedures, bookkeeping procedures as a part of subprocedures, etc.)
  • Parameter Tables; (possibility to define set of dynamic parameters and its values)

Application can produce HTML code (HTML web site automatically generated by database package, which produces more than 5000 HTML pages) as description of all entered values in generic application, so its very easy to find how contracts are defined, or how procedures are defined with all its description, or how booking procedures looks like, (bookkeeping schemes, with view on details on each accounting entry records related pairs) etc.

This is a generic application, developed in Oracle Forms/Reports, with the main purpose to help the company to easily manage inventory during the year. (annual or monthly) The form of application is generic so that the end user (with administrator privileges) can prepare lists, which are then filled by the employee responsible for inventory. After all, lists are filled, there is a possibility to compare them automatically with current inventory states.

The application is connected to the general ledger, with the possibility to check the current balance of accounts.

Implementation of automatic fax sender application, using Oracle Forms/Reports and GFI fax maker. This system send fax documents automatically, archave sent documents, logs activities connected with fax sending, HW and SW.

The main part of this system is Oracle form, who reads the meta data from database about fax documents ready for sending, then creates fax documents using Oracle reports (reports server) and sends this documents to the default printer. (NetPrintQueue2Fax) The system has 5 distributed fax server, where all source code changes are done by SVN software.

This was one of the biggest projects where I took a role

I was part of the team of Slovenian company Aster doo, (merged with S&T during the end of 2001.) who signed the Contract for Supplying and Implementation of the New Accounting and Banking Information System with Central Bank of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Project team considered 5-6 Oracle developers, which successfully implemented this project until the end of Q2 2003. After implementation, the local branch office of S&T Group S&T BA doo was responsible for project maintenance, which was my lead role in the company.

Main responsibilities:

  • Development of functionality or modules on the system given by the project manager, (Oracle Forms/Reports, PLSQL, Perl)
  • As an only local person in the team, I was appointed to be a deputy of project manager, (local coordination of the project)
  • From time to time, I did administration on the OS True64 and Oracle DB 9i;

Main project modules were:

  • Accounting, (general ledger)
  • Banking, (generic application, where is possible to implement new module without a single PLSQL code line)
  • Domestic payments,
  • Foreign  payments,
  • Asset management,
  • Salaries management,

Duration on the project: 16 months.