Summertime from Çanakkale, Turkey… #happyfamily #summer2018

I was born in a small town of Zvornik, Bosnia and Hercegovina. My first academic steps had been connected to Zvornik, where I gained the elementary education. After graduation, I became a student of Brotherhood and Unity Collegiate Institute, (Mali Zvornik, Serbia) which was a specialized high school for the natural and applied sciences.

In September of 1991, I became a member of the Faculty of Electric Engineering, University of Tuzla. Unfortunately, in the spring of 1992, a terrible war interrupted my University education, and I had to seek shelter in the neighboring county of Sandzak, Serbia.

After a few months there, I immigrated to Turkey as a part of the student support program. Upon my arrival there, I enrolled in TÖMER program at the Ankara University, where I spent nine months learning the Turkish language. After the time at Ankara University, I continued with my undergraduate studies at the Pamukkale University of Denizli. I completed a degree in the Faculty of Engineering in the Mechanical Engineering Department soon after.

Following my completion of the degree, I continued with my postgraduate studies at the Mechanical Engineering Department of Çukurova University, Adana (Construction and Manufacturing Department). I completed these studies in December 2001.

Today, I live in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, where I work in the Central bank of Bosnia and Herzegovina as a head of IT department.