At the end of October 2012. we started with the production of Business Intelligence (BI) project for the Statistics department of CBBiH. This was the end of the first phase, where Poslovna Inteligencija implemented a solution for GFS. (Government Finance Statistics) I was a member of the project team from the side of CBBiH with a role to support this project at all. After the first phase was finalized, I stayed on the project in the role of principal engineer for support and maintenance of the implemented GFS solution.

My project roles were:

  1. Consulting about choosing the right platform/technology for the project, (for the scope of business processes connected with the statistics department)
  2. Solution testing, the configuration of the MS SQL Server 2012, IIS 7.5, etc.
  3. Deployment of the solution/changes to the test and production environment; (solution done by Poslovna Inteligencija, web application, dtx packages, cube, etc.)

My roles for project support were:

  1. DBA of MS SQL Server 2012
  2. Administration of IIS
  3. The responsible person for changes and implementation of new functionalities in the scope of the project infrastructure; (ASP.NET MVC C#, SQL Server Analyses Services, SQL Server Integration Services)