BH Information Society Development – Legislation Database Project was requested by the BiH Council of Ministers and UNDP Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The overall objective of the project was to provide open access to relevant BiH laws and legal information through a web portal. The project purpose was to:

  • establish a comprehensive database of all relevant BiH legislation at State, Entity and District Brcko level;
  • create codes for laws according to EU standards and develop a categorization index of laws; and
  • allow official gazette to gain revenues from subscription services for an advanced part of the web portal and database.

I was the part of the project team of company COMP-2000, who was a contractor on this project, and my responsibilities were to:

  • design and create a relational database in MySQL DB,
  • create PHP internet application with further functionality: flexible application which was able to accept numbers of prepared design templates, search engine for all entered document according to categorisation and relation between documents, web authentication with cookie, subscription between different servers on internet, (in our case min 2 server, on for FBiH and the other for RS)
  • installation of the application on apache web server under linux OS;

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This is the first site I developed as a part of my hobby. This site started at the beginning of the year 2000.

Using experience I gained on project, I migrated from Perl and flat text files as the basis for data storing to PHP4 and MySQL. In general, this site is very similar considering the functionality as, and additionally, I developed a couple of new functionality such as exchange rates data gathering, graphical interface about exchange rates changes through the time, …

Web graphical interface of the site is also prepared by myself.

As a part of the project team for development of the first professional business web site in Bosnia, we developed our own framework for dynamic web site and content management. (managed by as a contractor) We used PHP4 and MySQL as a development platform. Our team had 3 developers and one web designer. Site was developed in  about 3 months.

Main functionalities we developed was: forms authentication with cookies, user management, content management with messaging and approval principles implemented, main site with lot of different widgets controlled by config file, reporting system, graphs, etc.

ps. this web page has quietly evolved in terms of functionality and graphic design until date

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